Reset Your Primal Senses

That's what I did this week, I put my work life on pause. What didn't happen? I didn't get a newsletter out. The world didn't end and I didn't worry about it either. This is the busy part of the year for fitness studios and many other businesses. It's easy to get caught up in grinding away during the summer and not giving yourself time to enjoy nature.

I know the importance of practicing what I preach and in the past I wouldn't listen to my own words. Yes, life is about consistency to get things accomplished but we all need to take a few days break to reset the body, disconnect from our daily grind, and have a couple "me" days. At the same time I was doing a different type of work. I was working on myself to dial in my sleeping habits, spending the first few hours of the day doing some sort of activity or movement, and getting in touch with my primal senses.

With some much of our life run by technology it's hard to be aware of how connected we are in a remote area. Even when we get out in nature so many are not fully enjoying the beauty. I saw people running and walking with earphones in, chatting with friends on their phone, or blasting music in the woods. Now there's nothing wrong with this and I'm not here to say who's are right or wrong. I'm just throwing my perspective on it.

Taking a little vacation up to Lake Placid I had a few rules. I wouldn't be out late at night, I would get up before sunrise and workout in the morning, and I would start paying attention to the smells and sounds around me. The best part was the lack of cell service and internet when I was there. This made it a little easier too. Setting these rules up before I left were crucial to truly take a vacation and not get sucked into the same patterns I have at home. My phone is always with me and I'm constantly thinking about work and what I need to do. Not this time.

For the most of the time my phone was not on me besides a few shots here and there and a couple IG uploads. I wanted to see if I could be bored. I wasn't in a good way. Instead of resorting to staying in town, I explored the area. I brought my bike, fishing rod, paddleboard, tent, and sleeping bag. Sure vacations are fun when you are with someone but nowadays we are rarely alone without at least social media. Idid go up there to play in a rugby tournament so I did socialize on Friday and Sunday (game days) but I knew The morning, evenings, and Saturday were all mine. My time to get lost in nature.

Why do so many find peace in nature? Because it allows your mind and body to rest, to focus on one thing, to step away from the news and negativity, to enjoy the present, to smell the flowers and hear the wildlife, and to find stillness. It takes you back to how the body naturally wants to function- with the use of your senses.

When we combine all this together your body will adjust its circadian rhythm to reset your sleep habits. One of the most highly underrated things we can do. If we starve ourselves of sleep we will never reach our potential. When we make sleep a priority and go back to our primal senses our body and mind have a purpose and drive. Anxiety and depression decrease and you will probably say "this is the life" when you are living in the present without distraction.

My advice to you is to put your work on hold for a few days. The world will continue if it doesn't get done that day or week. Plan a couple days away by yourself or with one or two close friends. Go see the beauty of nature and keep your phone around for emergency use only. Tune in to your primal sense and have fun. You never know how bad you needed time to yourself until you take it.

"There are no bad movements, just more efficient ones."