Eat Your Protein First

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Eat your protein first. If you are trying to lose weight it’s crucial to hit your protein numbers for the day. Why? It maintains your muscle mass. You put the effort in the gym to get strong and look good. You don’t want to throw away your hard work by having a high carb and fat diet even though you are in a calorie deficit.

When I say protein first, I mean eat your protein at the start of each meal. If you are tracking macros just focus on hitting your daily protein intake. Both approaches work. We’ve all stepped on a scale and not liked what we saw. Many of us go on crash diets to get back to the number we were at a few years ago before the world started to change. Don’t focus on the number, focus on getting your protein in.

Another benefit to a protein first diet is it’s easy. Protein helps regulate the fats and carbs you put into your body. Your stomach is only so big. If you start filling it with the essential amino acids (protein) your body needs to repair and build muscle, then fewer late-night Oreos will magically find their way into your stomach. Replace Oreos with casein protein. Casein is a slow-release protein that helps build your muscles while you sleep. It’s a great late-night dessert or snack as it’s thick like a milkshake. We sell Driven Nutrition casein protein but you can get it from foods like cottage cheese.

Diets are not easy and unfortunately one is not better than another. It’s what fits your lifestyle. Yes, that’s cliché, but it’s the truth. Experience is the only way you know whether a diet will work for you no matter how convincing your friends are.

A successful diet happens with a successful lifestyle change. You can’t cheat the system no matter how hard you try. So, if you’re still battling with nutrition, try a protein first approach and see if it helps you make the necessary lifestyle changes to keep the weight off without all the stress of calculating numbers.

"There are no bad movements, just more efficient ones."